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Re: Why the "social contract" should not be endorsed

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Why the "social contract" should not be endorsed
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 18:41:48 +0100
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Hi Alex,

Alex Taylor <> skribis:

> Recently we have been "invited" to approve a thing which is being called
> the "social contract".

I don’t think you have been invited to anything since you’re not in the
‘maintainers’ file.

I’m fine with you expressing your opinion, but please keep in mind that
it’s a discussion to be had first and foremost among GNU stakeholders.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve seen people not involved in GNU be much more
vocal than GNU hackers on this list.  It’s not been helping.

> Finally "endorsing" the text would give the rebel group a legitimacy which
> they neither have, nor deserve.  It's instructive to look at the track
> record of these renegades.   The Guile and Guix projects have both excluded
> and/or vilified people who disagree with the people in power (the same
> people who push the "social contract").

Interesting; I’ve been a co-maintainer of Guile and Guix for some years
and I haven’t seen you there.


PS: It’s telling that yet another insulting message passed moderation!

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