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Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address@hidden mailing lists
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 19:59:48 +0100

Le lundi 24 février 2020, 23:00:22 CET Taylan Kammer a écrit :
> You're right, he seems to have changed the strategy or something.  I'm
> getting mails again now.

You need to filter by the “list-id” header.  It is always 
“”.  That doesn’t change and it’s nice it doesn’t.

Otherwise the most sure and solid way of avoiding it are server-based 
filtering, or filter based on the “received” header (afaik high-level user-
end software such as thunderbird have built-in features to do this).

But a simple spamfiltering tool such as spamassassin might work as well: 
just mark them as spam, check your spam folder to mark false positive as 
legitimate, and maybe with some time your spamfilter will learn by itself 
to differentiate these spamish lists from legitimate ones.

> Not sure how to best filter these.  Gmail doesn't seem to have anything
> built-in to filter by the real sender rather than From: field.  Not sure
> if Thunderbird does.
> Tips appreciated. :-\

Use free software instead.  If a free software disappoint you you can 
always ask someone to hack it so it doesn’t anymore.

Among free software for this I know and used: thunderbird (most popular), 
KMail (specific to KDE), Evolution (to GNOME), ClawsMail (both less specific 
and less famous), mutt (text-based and pretty popular), Gnus (pretty 
popular inside GNU), rmail (same but simpler and older, not a full-
featured news-reader).

If you know other which are good don’t hesitate to tell.  It is normal 
people on mailing-list one day or another get issues with mail processing… 
it is good if we can help each other.

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