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Re: praising our moderators

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: praising our moderators
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 16:19:51 -0500
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Alexandre François Garreau <> writes:

> Le mardi 25 février 2020, 05:37:56 CET Mark Galassi a écrit :
>> It should be possible to watch this without proprietary s/w on your own
>> computer:
> afaik no.  Do you know a software that does it?  because youtube changed 
> so that the only software that still can do this, such as youtube-dl, do 
> it by executing the aforesaid non-free javascript on these pages :/

Firstly, I think the point about youtube-dl executing nonfree JS may
have been exaggerated.  I'll refer you to [0], [1], and [2].


Aside from using youtube-dl, I can think of two other ways:

1. using LibreJS + ViewTube, both shipped with GNU IceCat, one can watch
youtube videos without running nonfree JS, or

2. using an alternative frontend to youtube like Invidious, you can
watch the above video at (the
"official" Invidious instance) without running nonfree JS.

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