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Re: State of the GNUnion 2020

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: State of the GNUnion 2020
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 00:13:34 +0200
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On 25.02.2020 23:37, Samuel Thibault wrote:

I never asked for a "crown".

FWIW, I didn't mean to imply any character fault.

Just saying that it might not be the way to reach the stated goals. Not in the context of the Social Contract, but in the context of the Joint Statement.

Specifically, the first paragraph. What free software values the maintainers
do not currently agree to uphold, but will if they adhere to the Social

Maybe you guys should have a talk between yourselves and figure out whether
everyone shares the same understanding and vision for it.

? Why would we talk between ourselves? There is not secret plan or such

To avoid sending mixed messages. For better or worse, you now both appear to be part of Something together. With an end goal, strategy, or whatever.

Not saying you necessarily have to talk in private. Commenting on the message that I quoted would work even better.

Apparently Ludo meant it to go further than what I'm talking about. But
the text does not say that much (and it doesn't match the current state
of GNU maintainers, so it should not IMHO).

I'm glad that we've cleared that up.

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