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Re: feeling intimidated for endorsing the GNU social contract

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: feeling intimidated for endorsing the GNU social contract
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 04:48:22 -0500

   > > The FSF keeps ignoring our calls for a neutral discussion space.
   > The FSF is not involved in GNU governance, so why should they provide
   > such a thing?

   Of course the FSF is involved in GNU governance. They raise money in
   the name of GNU, we assign copyright to the FSF, they hold all our
   assets, and they keep lists of people who may use those resources for
   which purposes. 

Raising money and being involved in governance are two different
things, and one does not entail the other.  There are several non-FSF
venues for raising money, but like the FSF they are not involved in
GNU governance which is at the discretion of the chief GNUisance.  

   The FSF is the legal entity which runs GNU. 

The FSF doesn't "run" the GNU project, they do alot of important legal
work for us, but we have many projects that are not copyrighted by the
FSF.  There are many projects that get their funding from other
entities as well.

   We should coordinate governance issues with the FSF.  There are
   lots of issues which are the shared responsibility of GNU
   volunteers and the FSF.

This we really refers to your gruop, and not the GNU project or the
governance structure of it with chief GNUisance, who already does this
type of work with the FSF.  

The only responsibility that GNU maintainers have is to follow GNU
policies, and some basic legal obligations toward the FSF so that
paper work is in order or not wrong. 

   > The FSF has no such responsibility.  They provide infastructure.

   Given that GNU is a program of the FSF I do think they have such a
   responsibility to all GNU volunteers.

The GNU project is not a program of the FSF, the FSF _sponsors_ our
work.  You confuse the historical context, the GNU project existed
before the FSF, and the initial goal of the FSF was to support the GNU
project in its work to create a free operating system.

   The FSF encourages adopting an anti-harassment guide and I think we
   should take that much more serious:

The FSF and the GNU project are two different entities, what the FSF
does or doesn't is better directed to the FSF and not here.  The GNU
project has decided on a different strategy on the matter with the GNU
Kind Communicate Guidelines

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