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Re: Web versions

From: DJ Delorie
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 18:18:48 -0400

shulie <> writes:
> technology which is designed to be slaveware and dependent un insecure

This is a value judgement on the developer writing the software, not the
technology of the software itself.  Please do not confuse the two.

For example, I regularly use a javascript application that is served by
another site but runs 100% on my computer with 100% of the sources
available to myself.  I think I even did a "save file" to run it when
the network is down.  This application is hosted in source form on
github and licensed in a GNU-compatible way.

This application totally honors the four freedoms, yet uses a technology
you say we should not use.  Thus, in a way you are arguing AGAINST the
user's freedom.

> Or maybe they will, but that doesn't mean it is something the GNU
> project should promote.

The GNU project should promote Free Software in all the ways that the
user can benefit from those freedoms, regardless of what technology
underlies those freedoms.  If WebAssembly or Javascript can be used in a
way that honors the four freedoms, the FSF's position should be to
encourage *those* ways, and discourage *other* ways.  Discouraging the
technology itself is, IMHO, outside the FSF's scope.

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