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Re: police report against the petition mob

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: police report against the petition mob
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2021 18:03:47 -0500
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Debian Community News Team wrote:

Looking at the headers of your message, we see that you sent it on 29
March and the (FSF) mailing list only delivered it on 2 April
(headers copied below).

This shows that somebody in FSF is now checking the messages one by one.

No, it shows that the messages got stuck in a queue somewhere for several days. The FSF/GNU infrastructure is fairly complex and the FSF sysadmins (mostly volunteers as I understand) are stretched thin. (Evidence: the general utility login server is running a major release that went out of support a few months ago and has not yet been updated.) The chances of messages getting stuck in a queue due to a temporary failure and going unnoticed until finally being delivered after an automated retry a few days later (as is common in mail systems -- email does *not* promise instant delivery) are fairly high.

If anything, I would expect censors to act quickly to hide their own existence, not to sit on a message for four days, *then* pass it through.

This censorship looks like pure evil.

We do not consent to this type of censorship.  It is a type of fraud.
They do this without our consent, so it is like rape.  They stole the F
from FSF.

As of yet, censorship is not proven. All of these events could be the results of technical failures at a very inopportune time. (Of course, according to Finangle's Law, failures *always* happen at the least opportune time.)

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-- Jacob

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