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Re: I have an idea for some Cool software :) (but it's not money making)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: I have an idea for some Cool software :) (but it's not money making)
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 09:16:09 +0300
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* Parodper <> [2021-04-02 14:23]:
> O 31/03/21 ás 07:48, Zany And Crazy escribiu:
> > Hey :)
> > Y'know, at my gym, music plays round the clock. Now over here in
> > India, unfortunately they leave Youtube running, which means that the
> > playlist is coming from an ALGORITHM! This is abhorrent and has to be
> > got rid of. So it strikes me - why not have a human music programmer
> > do it? There are 2 requirements for this - a guy who goes to a gym
> > generally stays there for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, so a song can't
> > repeat during that time. And also, most people go to the gym at the
> > same TIME, like say 7 PM every day - so a song that played at 7-8 PM
> > on Monday cannot repeat on Tuesday. Or Wed or Thu (and so on), UNLESS
> > it happens to be really good song! Now THIS kind of thing requires
> > software "assistance". Anybody here wanna write it? :) ...and host the
> > thing on the web for FREE after that, cuz it's unlikely anyone will
> > pay. This is probably not the software task of the century, but there
> > may be BABY GNerds reading over here, right? So - anyone? :)
> > Please people, make NO ATTEMPT to actually do the PLAYLIST/S
> > yourselves, there are music PEOPLE for that, and I'm getting in touch
> > with one who may help - I'll get you guys in touch with one another.
> > ...would love to get your help and see your work :)

Sounds easy, but you need to do it there, as nobody on global mailing
list may know which songs people like to listen in that gym in
India. What you need to do is first to have files which are to be
played, even if they arrive from YouTube. If you would have that list
of files, I can help you do the rest:

- download all files from playlist management interface automatically
- measure automatically their time lengths
- sort files per day into playing lists
- provide management interface to it, so that maintenance goes easy
- adding new files is then easy, and management interface helps with sorting

Once sorted, it can play. Play program would first look what is the
current date, current time, and then it would choose the song that
corresponds to current date and time and play from there.


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