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Re: Fwd: Answering your frequently asked questions about the FSF board

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Fwd: Answering your frequently asked questions about the FSF board
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 09:19:01 +0300
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* Ali Reza Hayati <> [2021-04-29 03:29]:
> Dear Ali Reza Hayati,
> As you know, one of the priorities of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
> board of directors in the coming weeks is to strengthen the Foundation's
> governance structure. To that end, I wanted to share with you the answers to
> frequently asked questions about this initiative. This document is available
> at
> <> and will
> be updated, as needed, as this project progresses.

That is great.

As a paralegal who incorporated hundreds of companies worlwide, mostly
in the US, I can say that By-Laws are well written and that the FSF
now published statements that clarifies all important issues. In
particular important issue is clarified on who has authorities to do

To be more frank, public individuals are neither on Board, neither
voting members, and have no say in changes of non-profit's corporate
structure. But I guess that emotion may prevail in some of them.

I have sent my slight remark to FSF on this page:

where it says: "In its decision-making capacity, the board:
    determines the mission and purposes of the FSF;

as that is inconsistent with the Corporate Law of Massachusetts and
the Articles of Organization whereby it says that purposes are defined
in the Articles of Organization, thus my proposed change to the WWW
page is to say that "In its decision-making capacity, the board:
    fosters the mission and purposes of the FSF;" as Board does not
have legal capacity to change purposes of the FSF as that would be
against Founder's wish.

What is paramount here is that FSF is financially stable, that it
fosters its purposes, its mission, that directors are dedicated to its
purposes and nothing else, and that FSF has been awarded perfect score
from Charity Navigator, plus eighth consecutive four-star rating:


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