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Re: cURL author receives rude LogJ4 security inquiry

From: dick
Subject: Re: cURL author receives rude LogJ4 security inquiry
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2022 21:51:42 -0500
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AU>I fear lack of gratitude... will have consequences.

And I assure you it won't.  We're all here because no one will hire us
for our programming skill, and no one will converse with us at parties.

For such a lot as we, the knowledge that anyone finds our unsalable
works useful is reward enough.  That anyone would reply to our opinions,
no matter how disagreeable the reply, is all the acknowledgement we

If you are familiar with the Game of Thrones mythology, you may think of
free software as the Wall upon which industry rejects find existential
salvation and camaraderie amongst the Night's Watch.

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