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lilypond for windows trouble shooting update suggestions.

From: Alan
Subject: lilypond for windows trouble shooting update suggestions.
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 21:24:12 +0100

Thanks for providing the windows binary, im glad to see more GNU
software projects embracing and extending MS Windows.  

Here are some updates for the FAQ.

I'd prefer an MS-DOS shell. How can I do this?
To use MS-DOS you must start bash, and at the prompt type:
This gives you both Cygwin and MS-DOS.  

Just above this in the FAQ it says that "ls -1" is the effectively the
same as dir.  It was not clear to me at first what this meant.  I use
bash quite a bit and i thought it was a lowercase 'L'.  I suggest the
following be added just after it.  
NB That is the number one, #1, not a lowercase 'L'.  

On the mailing list page
it says to ready the "very FAQ" first, but i get a Not Found error

Best of Luck


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