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Re: lilypond for windows trouble shooting update suggestions.

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lilypond for windows trouble shooting update suggestions.
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 13:48:28 +0200

> Thanks for providing the windows binary, im glad to see more GNU
> software projects embracing and extending MS Windows.  
> Here are some updates for the FAQ.  

You can easily edit and update the FAQ yourself on-line. 

> FAQ:
> I'd prefer an MS-DOS shell. How can I do this?
> To use MS-DOS you must start bash, and at the prompt type:
> This gives you both Cygwin and MS-DOS.  

Do all the Lilypond scripts and path settings work when you do that?

> Just above this in the FAQ it says that "ls -1" is the effectively the
> same as dir.  It was not clear to me at first what this meant.  I use
> bash quite a bit and i thought it was a lowercase 'L'.  I suggest the
> following be added just after it.  
> NB That is the number one, #1, not a lowercase 'L'.  

If you want the list to include file size and date, just as 
dir gives you, you should indeed use lowercase 'l'.

> On the mailing list page 
> it says to ready the "very FAQ" first, but i get a Not Found error
> message.   

The following patch should solve the problem in the coming releases:

diff -u Documentation/index.texi.orig Documentation/index.texi
--- Documentation/index.texi.orig       Fri Aug  3 13:45:51 2001
+++ Documentation/index.texi    Fri Aug  3 13:46:22 2001
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@
 @unnumberedsec Mailing lists
 If you have questions, do write to the mailing lists.  But don't forget
-to read the @uref{Documentation/topdocs/out-www/FAQ.html,Very Frequently
+to read the @uref{../topdocs/out-www/FAQ.html,Very Frequently
 Asked Questions} and @uref{,
 Frequently Asked Questions} first.


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