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difficulties running LilyPond

From: Die4Willes
Subject: difficulties running LilyPond
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 13:49:23 +0200

Hi Folks!
For years now I've been looking for a method to
quickly make a music-score readable for the computer. Of course there are
several programs, such as Encore or Finale or TeX, but the first
two are Windows-based, which means you have to enter the music
mouseclick by mouseclick, while TeX is rather complicated (sorry
for that) an does not quite suit my requirements.
Two days ago I found your Web-Site and have been surprised
(very surprised I'd rather say) about the resemblance of your
software with the one I was thinking of all the years.
So I made the download, installed everything properly and tried
to set up my first typeset-music by following your instructions
given under the title "Running LilyPond". And just here are lurking
the problems: After having typed your example score in Window's
Notepad and opening the "GNU Lilypond"-Window it says: 

"address@hidden ~$_"

And after typing the instruction "ly2dvi -P"
I see the message

"Bash: /usr/lilypond-1.4.5/wrappers/ly2dvi: bad interpreter: No such file
or directory"
and nothing else happens.

I looked for the file "ly2dvi" and it happens to be in the right directory.
So I need your help very badly!!!!!

from Duisburg/Germany

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