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Re: lyrics fontsize question

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lyrics fontsize question
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:49:38 +0200

> I'm typesetting some choior music. How do I get a larger fontsize
> for the lyrics (not the music)?

    LyricText \override #'font-relative-size = #1

> Btw, does anybody know about a PCI soundcard with midi synth that has
> drivers for linux? I used a ISA Soundblaster AWE before, and there
> Solfege could play music by writing to /dev/sequencer or /dev/music.
> But now I have upgraded and don't have any ISA ports any more. I don't
> own an external midi synth I can hook up and use /dev/midi. 

I guess most soundcards will work without problems, 
especially if it's not brand new. See


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