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Re: A GNU Distribution

From: Loic J. Duros
Subject: Re: A GNU Distribution
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 09:28:04 -0400
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On 03/30/2012 10:19 PM, Jason Self wrote:
Now that Linux-libre has been dubbed an official GNU package it seems to me
that the GNU Operating System now has a fully functional kernel. Perhaps this
means that there could now be an official release of the GNU Operating System?

Sounds like a great idea to me!

My idea is that it would be source-based where people compile the operating
system from scratch, which brings up my first idea...

Does this mean it would not have a package manager or a way to install "pre-compiled" software? I wonder how many people would have the technical knowledge to do this from the ground up. Definitely not nontechnical users like my parents or wife who use GNU/Linux but want to have nothing to do with the technical aspect of it. In fact, the least they know about it the happier they are. Does this mean the operating system would not be for nontechnical end users? I think it would lead to new distros based off the original one.


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