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When can we expect a version 1.0 of the GNU Operating System?

From: Felipe López
Subject: When can we expect a version 1.0 of the GNU Operating System?
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:42:00 -0500


I know that the future is uncertain, but I'd like to know what is
holding the GNU developers back from releasing the first version of the
GNU Operating System.

I would like to go to, click on the big download button, and get
a copy of the GNU Operating System version 1.0 (not a copy of an ABC
GNU/Linux-libre distribution that is based upon a non-free XYZ GNU/Linux
distribution that is based on some components of the GNU system).

I came across GNU Guix [1] last year. At that time, they had plans to
build a standalone distribution of the GNU Operating System. I watched
GNU Guix developers work during this year and they did build a
standalone distribution. [2] But the name of this distribution is GNU
Guix (the same name of the package manager). If Guix is the GNU package
manager and integrates the components of GNU, why can't the resulting
distribution be called The GNU Operating System (or GNU, for short)? [3]



Luis Felipe López Acevedo

PGP Klefo ID  : 0x8A296B99
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