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GNU projects using GitHub.

From: Po Lu
Subject: GNU projects using GitHub.
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 18:40:56 +0800

Today I discovered that 2 GNU projects, GNU Radio and GNUstep, are
developed on GitHub.  (They do not only use GitHub as a code host, which
is despicable enough, but also perform development work on GitHub.)

For instance, GNU Radio's "How To Get Involved" page includes a link to
their GitHub issue tracker, which requires the use of proprietary

And the GNUstep site at has a link to their
GitHub repository:  Many of the projects
under that repository utilize GitHub's issue tracker and "Pull Request"

GitHub is listed on as
"Unacceptable".  And not only does it require me to run unacceptable
software in order to use it, but performs much less admirably for me
than Savannah.  (70 KB/s downlink, anyone?)

Is it really OK for GNU software to use these platforms?  And has anyone
brought these issues up with their developers yet?

It would be nice if this problem was cleared up.  Thanks.

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