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[gnuastro-commits] master f7ea010: MakeCatalog: added breaks for two swi

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: [gnuastro-commits] master f7ea010: MakeCatalog: added breaks for two switch items that were missing it
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 03:42:10 -0400 (EDT)

branch: master
commit f7ea010ed5dfd455665441359c4044b38f2fe5bc
Author: Vladimir Markelov <>
Commit: Mohammad Akhlaghi <>

    MakeCatalog: added breaks for two switch items that were missing it
    Until now, two of the 'switch' blocks in MakeCatalog were missing a 'break'
    when we were defining the column information to parse (related to the
    '--geoz' and '--clumpsgeoz' columns). This could result in printing extra
    columns for the user that they hadn't asked for (when they asked for any of
    these columns).
    With this commit, the 'break' statements have been added.
    This fixes bug #61287.
 NEWS                    | 3 +++
 bin/mkcatalog/columns.c | 2 ++
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 3190584..d62ca1b 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -163,6 +163,9 @@ See the end of the file for license conditions.
   bug #61244: Sum operator in arithmetic ignoring floating point images
               with blank values, found and reported by Giulia Golini and
               Raúl Infante-Sainz.
+  bug #61287: Two "switch" blocks miss "break" in MakeCatalog when setting
+              output column information: found and fixed by Vladimir
+              Markelov.
diff --git a/bin/mkcatalog/columns.c b/bin/mkcatalog/columns.c
index b31853f..09a4a09 100644
--- a/bin/mkcatalog/columns.c
+++ b/bin/mkcatalog/columns.c
@@ -2443,6 +2443,7 @@ columns_fill(struct mkcatalog_passparams *pp)
         case UI_KEY_CLUMPSGEOZ:
           ((float *)colarr)[oind] = MKC_RATIO( oi[OCOL_C_GZ],
                                                oi[OCOL_C_NUMALL] );
+          break;
         case UI_KEY_MINVX:
           ((float *)colarr)[oind] = MKC_RATIO( oi[OCOL_MINVX], 
@@ -2825,6 +2826,7 @@ columns_fill(struct mkcatalog_passparams *pp)
           case UI_KEY_GEOZ:
             ((float *)colarr)[cind] = MKC_RATIO( ci[CCOL_GZ],
                                                  ci[CCOL_NUMALL] );
+            break;
           case UI_KEY_MINVX:
             ((float *)colarr)[cind] = MKC_RATIO( ci[CCOL_MINVX], 

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