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[Gnucap-devel] Documenting code

From: Gopala Krishna
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] Documenting code
Date: 4 Mar 2005 09:45:38 -0000

  Hi everyone,
        I am really interested in hacking gnucap.I really appreciate and thank 
work of all contributors of this project.

But I feel the code should be doxygen compatible.This is because doxygen is a 
fine tool which can give hierarchies of classes  and display comments (should 
begin with /** or /// for single line) in special manner.It can provide 
cross-references.It can provide search facilities.It really helps a new 
developer a lot.
 And yes doxygen can easily extract doxy comments(mentioned above) and document 
them in HTML,LaTex,RTF etc.

Hence, I request that any of you interested can document all ".h" files with 
(1) short description of all functions 
(2) elaborate some difficult functions 
(3) descriptions of all classes

  Gopala Krishna

Gopala Krishna

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