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[Gnucap-devel] Documenting Code

From: telford
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] Documenting Code
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 17:31:54 +1000
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> From: Gopala Krishna
> But I feel the code should be doxygen compatible.This is because doxygen is a
> fine tool which can give hierarchies of classes  and display comments (should
> begin with /** or /// for single line) in special manner.It can provide
> cross-references.It can provide search facilities.It really helps a new
> developer a lot.
>  And yes doxygen can easily extract doxy comments(mentioned above) and 
> document
> them in HTML,LaTex,RTF etc.

Anything that gives a nice chart of the class hierarchy would be useful,
one of the most confusing things is trying to figure out exactly which
class is actually doing any particular task.

If you want to work with doxygen or javadoc or whatever gives a result,
that would be excellent. The tricky part is the model generator that
builds auto-generated C++ files which ARE part of the hierarchy (and thus
should be documented) but they are not part of the actual source code
(you can't edit them). You will probably have to modify the model compiler
to make it construct suitable comments which let doxygen work on the
generated C++ files.

Don't forget to add a build target to the makefile but it should be able
to build at least the basic executable on a system without doxygen (seems
that doxygen is pretty standard on Linux so I'm not personally complaining
here but I know someone will).

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