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Re: [Gnucap-devel] New gnucap development snapshot

From: Dan McMahill
Subject: Re: [Gnucap-devel] New gnucap development snapshot
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 08:39:45 -0500
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Al Davis wrote:
There is a new development snapshot of gnucap available.

This one adds a first cut at the MOSFET level 8 and 49 model.

It accepts all of the parameters.

Hi Al,

I'm looking forward to being able to use level 49 foundary models with gnucap. As a short test I tried using some parameters in the way that some foundary models are done. The netlist and some gnucap warnings/errors are shown below:

* Parameter and level 49 test

.param A4NP=0 fac_n ='0.3*2.5'
+ toxn='8E-09+A4NP*fac_n*1.5e-10*0.5'

+LEVEL = 49 TNOM = 25.0 VERSION = 3.24
+TOX      = 'toxn'             ACM=12

m1  1 1 0 0  nch w=5u l=0.6u
iid 0 1 200u
.PRINT OP gm(m1) gds(m1) vdsat(m1)

when I run it, I get a complaint about ACM which is part of the Hspice level 49 diode modeling. I can find the details on how ACM should work if that would help. Also somehow it doesn't like the parameter usage here.

* Parameter and level 49 test
... 3.24 TOX      = 'toxn'              ACM=12 )
                                        ^ ? what's this?
parameter 'toxn' has no value
parameter 'toxn' has no value


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