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Re: [Gnucap-devel] Re: gEDA-dev: Gnucap docs build failure on FC5 (and o

From: Stuart Brorson
Subject: Re: [Gnucap-devel] Re: gEDA-dev: Gnucap docs build failure on FC5 (and other places)
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 22:09:21 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Dan McMahill wrote:
Stuart Brorson wrote:
Al, group,

I am getting the next spin of the gEDA CD ready for release.  On FC5 I
have a problem:  If dvipdfm is installed, but Latex is not, I get this
error message:


I am not an autoconf/automake expert, but will happily submit
patches acheiving this.  But I was wondering if any of the development
gurus out there had some example code which implemented this scheme?
I looked at PCB, which does this, but I was flummoxed by its
complexity.  Therefore, if somebody could point to a different
open-source program using the GNU automake stuff which cleanly ships
.pdfs in the distro tarball, I would very much appreciate it.
Alternately, if the PCB devlopers could explain enough of their scheme
so that I could copy it, I would like that too.  Any and all pointers



I believe that gnucap should already do the right thing. The problem is that the latest snapshot tarball was not created with 'make dist' using the new autoconf/automake build system but rather created with the old build system. I believe your problems will go away once the gnucap tarballs start being generated with 'make dist' or preferably 'make distcheck'.

Well, unfortunately they don't.  But thank you, Dan, and thank you DJ,
I belive I have a work-around.   Here it is, from my notes:

---------------- <rambling notes> -------------------------
If you do "make maintainer-clean", the .dvi files are killed.

Then if you have dvipdfm but don't have Latex on your system,
any "./configure && make" operation fails.

If the developer has both Latex and dvipdfm, he can do this to make a
non-failing gnucap distribution:

make maintiner-clean
make dist (this fails after making docs)
make distclean
rm -fR gnucap-2006-05-06
cd ..
tar -cf gnucap-2006-05-06.tar gnucap-2006-05-06

the resulting tarball is a good substitute for a "make dist" tarball.
---------------- </rambling notes> -------------------------

I have put the resulting tarball on my Install CD and it has just
passed the point of doing "configure" for Gnucap.  I believe I have a

If you want to work around it then generate the dvi file and add it to the distribution or you could also build your own distfile with 'make dist' and put that on the CD. You'll need latex but the users won't.

Make dist fails on my machine.  It died after making the docs.  If you
want I can reproduce the failure and send a config.log file.

In any event, my hack procedure seems to work (knock wood). . . .


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