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[Gnucap-devel] gnucap development snapshot 2008-01-30

From: al davis
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] gnucap development snapshot 2008-01-30
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:41:09 -0500
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There is a new snapshot available ...

Models (optional) have also been updated, only to change a 
directory name:

Another optional package contains some tools:

This snapshot provides:

Parameter expressions.  Values and parameters can have 
Rc (c vcc) {rload}
Re (e 0)  {rload/10}

Parameter statements can have expressions:

.param rload = {v/i}
.param v=10
.param i=.001

Note that they are not assignment statements, and in a typical 
programming language.

In this case, rload is 10k

If I change a parameter, everything changes to accomodate it.

.param i=.002

now rload is 5k

This enhancement works with spectre and verilog modes too. 

Plugins using the spice-wrapper still do not take named 
parameters, or expressions.

As usual, to get started you need only the main package 
gnucap-2008-02-11.tar.gz .  The other "models" packages contain 
the exact models from the various sources.  If you need a jfet, 
I recommend the one in "spice3f5".  If you need a BSIM model, 
the obvious choice is the "bsim" package, which has all of 
them.  The "ngspice17" package contains a few models not 
available elsewhere, such as "vbic".

The models and tools tarballs differ from the previous shapshot 
only in the directory name.  You don't need to download them 
again, but you do need to recompile them.

If you need other models, let me know.  Others, such as 
Josephson junction, are available, but I have not ported them 
yet.  Porting a Spice model usually requires two files, 
a "Makefile" and a "wrapper.h", and no other changes.

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