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[Gnucap-devel] 2013 Google Summer of Code-Midterm progress and evaluatio

From: Rishabh Yadav
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] 2013 Google Summer of Code-Midterm progress and evaluation
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 00:44:12 +0530

Midterm Evaluations of Google Summer of Code are near(29 July 7:00 UTC).The
work I have done till now is on gnucap user wiki page [1].There are some
unimplemented commands listed in the wiki area and I am currently working
over them.
Test cases are prepared at a basic level and improvement is being done.
My progress can be seen at WIP branch [2] of the gnucap repository at

If I am missing something related to Midterm evaluations then please let me
know so that I can fix it before the midterm deadline.
Any suggestions on the work I did are kindly welcome.


Rishabh Yadav

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