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Re: scope and CARD_LIST:_card_list

From: Felix Salfelder
Subject: Re: scope and CARD_LIST:_card_list
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2021 00:55:06 +0100

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 03:08:15PM -0500, al davis wrote:
> > I also have issues with DEV_DOT. Symptoms are that commands like "get"
> > wont work properly if scope != CARD_LIST::_card_list. This is because
> > the owner is lost in command elaboration.[..]
> use scope?

Not sure what you mean. I was thinking of something like

        CARD_LIST cl;
        CMD::command("get file", &cl);

Both "get" and "include" commands call new__instance(cs, /*owner=*/ NULL, 

When new__instance encounters a command, the Scope argument is not not
used. The parse_command function only takes a DEV_DOT* x, and here, its
owner is NULL.

e.g. LANG_SPICE_BASE::parse_command does

CARD_LIST* scope = (x->owner()) ? x->owner()->subckt() : &CARD_LIST::card_list;
[..]                   ^ is NULL
CMD::cmdproc(cmd, scope);

I think the workaround is to use a CARD at the root instead, and avoid
CMD::command. Similar to

        BASE_SUBCKT* root = device_dispatcher.clone("subckt");
        CS cs(STRING, "get file");
        new__instance(cs, root, root->subckt());

Not sure which consequences this will have. CARD::long_label might not
play well if there is an additional owner at the top. (and set_owner has
an assertion against resetting it NULL, perhaps for a reason).


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