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[open-cobol-list] cygwin

From: v100
Subject: [open-cobol-list] cygwin
Date: Fri Nov 1 08:15:44 2002

Some issues concerning OpenCobol 0.9.7 and Cygwin:

- I installed the latest version of GMP (4.1) and tried running
./configure for OpenCobol. It seems that OC really needs the version of
GMP that is on OC's download page (4.0.1). At least it calls for
something called "gmp3".

- Is there a bug in the cobc/Makefile? It seems the flag '-lintl' is
missing when linking cobc. You can add it manually (after
configuration), then cobc is created smoothly.

- Not directly related to OC: I'm creating DLL's out of my object files,
but it seems that libtool is broken in the default Cygwin installation.
After compiling libtool (1.4.2) and re-installing it, DLL's can be
I use the following method (in case anybody is interested; documentation
on this is hard to fine):

   libtool --mode=compile gcc -c mylibrary.c
   gcc mylibrary.lo -o mylibrary.dll -shared

When calling shared objects, I use the Windows functions
LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress instead of lt_dtlopen/lt_dlsym. Although they
should be the same (more or less), with the lt_dl functions I get a core


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