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[open-cobol-list] OpenCOBOL 0.23 for MinGW port, DLL version

From: Keiichi Takahashi
Subject: [open-cobol-list] OpenCOBOL 0.23 for MinGW port, DLL version
Date: Fri Jul 11 12:06:01 2003
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Hi all,

I've updated MinGW port of OpenCOBOL 0.23.


Sorry for frequent updating, but this time, the libcob, run-time library
is buit as DLL.

In order to build Windows DLL properly, customized Makefile is used to
compile libcob-1.dll, and cobc.exe.

No more warning messages can be observed when compiling COBOL sources
with this DLL.

Also, regex.c in GLIBC is used to build both binaries above. This
regex.c and related sources are LGPL'ed. Previously, GPL'ed regex-0.12
is used for the libcob.a or libcob-1.dll which are LGPL'ed.

The above package includes source archives, open-cobol-0.23,tar.gz, and which is used for partially building in this package.

In order to use this package, at least, you need to install in the
following packages on your Windows system:

- MinGW base kit, bitWalk build #026

- MinGW tools, bitWalk build #025


- OpenCOBOL 0.23, bitWalk build #032

Best Wishes,

Keiichi Takahashi, bitWalk Co.,Ltd.

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