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[open-cobol-list] feature request: COBOL-85: "/" in indicator area marks

From: Thomas Biehler
Subject: [open-cobol-list] feature request: COBOL-85: "/" in indicator area marks a comment line
Date: Fri Oct 31 05:37:16 2003
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Hi all,

I have the following feature request: (Implementation)

the slant  "/" in the indicatior area make's a line to a comment line 
in ANSI-Standard 85. (Chapter IV-42  7.2.4 Comment Lines
in ANSI INCITS 23-1985 (R2001))
The only difference to the asterik "*" is page ejection prior to
printing the comment line in the source listing!
So it should be very easy to implemented.  
(= no source listing in open-cobol in the current version's)

By the way.

What is the preferred way to make feature request's, bug report's  ...
in this project?  This mailing list,  the tracking system
or to mail directly to members  (project manager) of this project?

I have also some other topics. Should i split they in small (tiny?) unit's
or send them all together?  If i have sample code should i attach it
or embbed it ?

Thank's for your answer's

Thomas Biehler

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