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Re: [open-cobol-list] Success with open-cobol and Oracle PRO*Cobol 9.2.0

From: Gary
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Success with open-cobol and Oracle PRO*Cobol
Date: Tue Dec 23 13:21:01 2003
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Thomas Biehler wrote:
Hi Gary,

I don't know if anyone has done this before but I've succesfully
compiled and linked a CoBOL application compiled with open-cobol and
Oracle PRO*Cobol precompiler.

Yes, i have done this with Oracle 8.1.7 (procob2), so i can give you some hints ... ;-)


This is really not necessary!
Have a look into  from the oracle sample directory(s)
for the "cobol" precompiler procob(2).
The derived solution is:
==> also link the (necessary) wrapper library: cobsqlintf.o (should be unter ${ORACLE_HOME}/precomp/lib)
   =  "$(COBSQLINTF)"  in the  !

cobc -o tc -fmain  ... \
  -L${ORACLE_HOME}/lib ${ORACLE_HOME}/precomp/lib/cobsqlintf.o -lclntsh ... 

should do what you want!

And indeed it does. Works perfectly.

I'm really impressed with opencobol. The interface with C code is (perhaps unsurprisingly) even easier than with Micro Focus.

I'm looking at the open-cobol source at the moment to see if I can figgure out how to get nested sub programs into there.

Cheers for the help!


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