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Re: [open-cobol-list] mvs cobol namespace

From: Keisuke Nishida
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] mvs cobol namespace
Date: Thu Feb 5 21:55:33 2004
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At Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:24:22 -0600,
William M. Klein wrote:
> Therefore, my STRONG recommendation is do *NO( conversion for CALL "literal"
> statements (or COPY "literal" statements).  USE what the programmer enters.
> If they want something different, then they should change their source code.

OpenCOBOL uses program names for different two purposes: file name and
function name.  If you write a statement CALL "address@hidden", then open-cobol
will try to find a file "address@hidden" and call a function address@hidden' in 
The function name can be anything in this case.  What the programmer
wants is to call the module "address@hidden".  The function name is not visible
to the programmer.

Now, we don't do any conversion with file names.  What I am thinking
about is the function name, which is part of the internal call convention.
Since function names are restricted to C names, I just wanted to encode
them.  (Yes, this might be confusing, but I think is acceptable.)

At Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:47:14 -0600,
William M. Klein wrote:
> I am certain that SOME C compilers must support other "things" - because IBM
> C can call IBM COBOL programs with "@" "$" or "#" in the program-name.

With open-cobol you can do something like this:

  int (*func)();

  func = cob_resolve ("address@hidden");
  if (func)
    func (...);
    /* error */

The run-time function `cob_resolve' does everything you need, including
function name encoding if necessary.


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