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[open-cobol-list] Still need a COBOL compiler for OS X

From: Thinker
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Still need a COBOL compiler for OS X
Date: Tue Feb 10 04:05:02 2004

Hello All,

I originally sent this email about five days ago and I haven't received a response. I have recently converted to Mac OS X (10.3 'Panther'). I am currently taking an COBOL class at school. In the class they running Windows XP pro and are using ...

<x-tad-bigger>Micro Focus
NetExpress Cobol 3.0 University Edition
Produced by Merant Corporation (</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger></x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>)

I was hoping that someone on this list could point me in the right direction as to where to find an OpenSource or Freeware COBOL program that will allow me to compile and edit on my G4 laptop.
I would assume if it were Mac compatible or could be incorporated via fink ( it would work on my machine. I am not sure about programs built specifically for *BSD.

Thank you in advance...

-=Thinker </x-tad-bigger>

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