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RE: [open-cobol-list] feature request: EVALUATE: partial-expression

From: William M. Klein
Subject: RE: [open-cobol-list] feature request: EVALUATE: partial-expression
Date: Thu Feb 19 13:04:36 2004

> -----Original Message-----
> You have access to the online Language Reference,
> ==> Are you followed my reference, yes ?
> Have you found the relevant information ? 
> You have give no version number here!  
> Has something changed, no ?

As the person who actually "owned" and maintained (as a writer/developer)
the Micro Focus "LRM" for over 5 years, I would agree that almost anything
that is documented as working DOES work. HOWEVER, I would also say that
there are an INCREDIBLY large number of features that work (and may even
have been documented in the past) but ARE NOT documented (as valid) in
current Language Reference manuals.

The "simple" test that I was curious about (in the current compiler) is
something like:

      $SET MF
       Identification Division.
        Program-ID.  TestEval.
       Data Division.
        Working-Storage Section.
       01  AlphaNum   Pic X  Value "Y".
       01  Num        Pic 9  Value 4.
       Procedure Division.
           Evaluate AlphaNum >
             When "L"
                Display "Pass 1"
             When "G" and Num Not = 6
                Display "Display 2"
             When Other
           Stop Run . 


 It is my memory that this DID compile with at least one version of MF's

I am sorry that I am unable to test it with a current compiler - but my
original note (and this follow-on) is simply an attempt to actually EMULATE
Micro Focus' *current* behavior *if* syntax is being added to do so.

  The code above is NOT conforming to the ISO 2002 Standard *nor* to Micro
Focus' current documentation.  It may not (probably not?) compile with their
current compiler, but I did want this issue to be "looked at" before
OpenCOBOL resources were spent on this "enhancement".

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