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Re: [open-cobol-list] next release

From: Thomas Biehler
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] next release
Date: Thu Feb 26 03:47:01 2004
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On Wednesday , 25. Februar 2004 14:10 you wrote:
> Part of the new features and user visible changes are listed
> in the file "NEWS".  Not all changes are covered, though.

I have seen your changes to the NEWS file in CVS.
I have missed some (IMHO, important) features like:  (only from my memory)
-  "external-semantics" 
   (==> one solution instead the COMMAND-ARGS via USAGE LINKAGE  ==> TODO!)
-  much better COPY  REPLACING,  REPLACE  
- COMP-X  (not full implemented, but the most important (for me) is done!)
- MF-Cobol-Compiler "Language-Standard "  - extensions  (-std ...)
- a  well reorganized testsuite 

You should NOT make a understatement in the NEWS File  !  :-)
Or would you like to surprise (positively) new Users ?  ;-)

Perhaps a further TODO for this release:
I would like refer to tinycobol-project  - status-  webpage as a sample
for a status-page in this project. After i revisited it, i have seen it is gone 
now!  :-(
(only reachable in CVS:  ".../web/Attic" now).
The replacement is the STATUS - file in the main-directory. (see the 
What do you think about such a status-overview ?
(==> a summary; short (but not to short) , less adminstration overhead, 
         refers to standards,  could be published in the webpage in some ways)

IMHO very usefull-->  (possibly) NEW USERS could gain a overview 
                                        over the features very fast !
But  the tinycobol-project has decided to take it from their website.
( I don't agree with them) 

> I will review the manual in a few days, update out-of-date
> descriptions, and release 0.30 soon.  Let's think about a
> better documentation/release strategy after that.
> Keisuke

If you announce the release 0.30  in this mailing-list
(and freeze it perhaps 1 / 2 days) 
i  (we) can visit the changes and see if something goes wrong,
before you announce it world-wide.  (a kind of "release candiate")
Perhaps, there are then some corrections or additions!?

After a check from me (us),  the release would not  be 
"outdated" short after it is done. ( I hope only so :-) )
(a  little bit more a "stable release"
   ==> less to do for the USERS, i think they are thankfull!)

But this is,  as often,  only my opinion.  


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