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[open-cobol-list] incorrect compilation?

From: Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza
Subject: [open-cobol-list] incorrect compilation?
Date: Mon Aug 9 03:15:06 2004

Hi all.
Compiling the program below,  I get the following error.
/tmp/cob004044.c: In function `p1_':
/tmp/cob004044.c:28: error: initializer element is not constant
/tmp/cob004044.c:28: error: (near initialization for `h_FILE1.assign') 

In fact there is an error in the program but in my opinion the error should be 
discovered by cobol, not by gcc.
Am I missing something?
Here is the program.
       identification division.
       program-id. p1.
       environment division.
       input-output section.
           select file1 assign to foo.
       data division.
       file section.
       fd file1.
       01 reg pic x(10).
       procedure division.
               display "hello"
           stop run.

Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza
     +55 21 2556-7903
     21 9302-6633
aim: zevilmar
MSN: address@hidden
ICQ: 49915649

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