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Re: [open-cobol-list] New on the list and some questions ..

From: Giroud, Bernard
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] New on the list and some questions ..
Date: Tue Nov 2 23:24:40 2004
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Lars Segerlund a écrit :

Hi I'm new on the opencobol list, and thought that I should present myself.

I have been doing a little gcc hacking, ( frontend ), but not much, and now I 
am interested in COBOL.
Basicly I thought I'd have a look at the code and follow the list for a while 
to see if there is anything that I can do.

I have basicly two questions, the first is openCOBOL aiming for gcc inclusion ? 
 and secondly what is the current status of open COBOL ( ie. is it usable for a 
project right now ? ).
Depends on what you mean by gcc inclusion. Keisuke created a version called gcc-cobol which was based on gcc 3.3 and OC 0.12. One of my goal is to upgrade gcc-cobol (renaming it Gobol as per a suggestion of Mark Hahn) to the latest gcc release and the current run-time of OC. At that point, we have two options: 1a) try to make it the "official GNU Cobol" project ==> chasing all copyleft if at all possible (I'll talk about that aspect in another thread in a few days)
1b) leave it outside the GCC, as an add-on (as it is currently).
2) We maintain only one run-time, but two compilers OC and Gobol (I think there is a need for both)

The ideal, would be that TinyCOBOL changes towards the cleaner run-time interface, and then we could merge the two run-times (we can always dream). I started such a move a long time ago, but I had to abandon because of too may concurrent changes.

But, in any case, I'll be glad to welcome somebody who has experience with GCC, specially front-end.

Now there seem's to be a third question that pop's up, is there any 
relationship or collaboration between cobol for gcc and openCOBOL ?

There was a tentative made in summer 2003 (AFAIR) between Keisuke and Tim; I'll 
let them comment themselves on the subject. But, currently, no.

/ regards, Lars Segerlund.

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