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[open-cobol-list] Variable name causing problem

From: Tim Nixon
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Variable name causing problem
Date: Fri Dec 17 05:57:21 2004

I downloaded the latest code from the CVS repository. First I noticed that
the code parses the input differently which allowed substring replacement in
COPY.. REPLACING (which is good).
But I also noticed an odd behavior: In one module we have there is a
variable named something like TST-INSTALLATION, and another called something
like BILL-AUTHOR. What I am seeing is that the code to ignore clauses like
AUTHOR and INSTALLATION (in pplex.l)  causes the code to skip over the rest
of the line whenever these are encountered, which of course causes problems.
I have begun changing parser.y to expect any or all of these in the
IDENTIFICATION section and am trying to handle a new clause, TITLE, anywhere
in the code (TITLE is for listings).
Has anyone else seen this? And is there a fix already in existence

Tim Nixon

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