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Fw: RES: [open-cobol-list] line continuation problem

From: Guenter . Sandner
Subject: Fw: RES: [open-cobol-list] line continuation problem
Date: Thu Feb 3 08:31:24 2005

---------------------- Forwarded by Guenter Sandner/AT/STL on 03.02.2005
17:29 ---------------------------

Guenter Sandner
03.02.2005 17:29

To:    "Jose Alfredo Rodrigues" <address@hidden>
Subject:    Re: RES: [open-cobol-list] line continuation problem  (Document
       link: Guenter Sandner)


We have used this Oracle tool (named "procob") for several years, but now
we  have our own precompiler.
This precompiler translates our embedded sql statements into Oracle OCI
With "procob" our Application must be recompiled for all oracle major
versions, but
using the Oracle Call Interface, we can support Oracle 8, 9 and 10g without
the need for recompilation.

Guenter Sandner
SmartStream Technologies

SmartStream Technologies GmbH
Vienna Twin Tower, Wienerbergstrasse 11
A-1100 Vienna, Austria

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