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[open-cobol-list] OC 0.31, Cygwin, VBISAM news

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] OC 0.31, Cygwin, VBISAM news
Date: Mon Feb 7 03:12:36 2005

Just did a check using Cygwin (latest version, 1.5.12-1)
Good news and bad news :
Good news is that it passes the NIST testsuite.
Bad News is that there are a couple of problems.

There is a problem with EXTERNAL definitions.
(Fails OC testsuite run/33)
I have tried all sorts of compile/link options to resolve this.
No luck. I suspect we need a library routine for this.

"cobcrun" doesn't run as expected. The static library symbols/entry
points are not getting propagated to the modules.
Once again, no compile/link options seem to be able to resolve this.
OK, here for Cygwin, we can do a normal link using the shared lib.

VBISAM - Trevor van Bremen is back :-)
Check the VBISAM Forum. (He's looking at our requirements)


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