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RE: [open-cobol-list] Re: RES: line continuation problem

From: Bill Klein
Subject: RE: [open-cobol-list] Re: RES: line continuation problem
Date: Wed Feb 9 13:59:01 2005

Sorry for not commenting earlier.  The problem (as I see it) in the original
code (and why I do NOT think it is ANSI/ISO conforming) was that the
continued (2nd) line ended with a quotation mark in column 72.  The next
line had a continuation mark (hyphen) in column 7 - but the first non-blank
character in B-margin was a period (full-stop).

I haven't searched for the "reference" yet within the '85 Standard, but I do
NOT believe that one can use the continuation area to "continue" BETWEEN a
quotation mark separator and the following period separator.

I could be mistaken on this (and I have asked some people at MF if this is a
"documented" extension there) but I certainly do not THINK that ANSI/ISO '85
allows this.  Neither would the '02 Standard when "fixed form reference
format" is in effect.

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> Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: RES: line continuation problem
> Sorry, I cannot reproduce this.
> Compiling with "-fixed" and any dialect (-std=) works OK.
> I even tried extending the lines with spaces to column 80 and beyond.
> Still works.
> Check that you are really using 0.31 ( cobc -V )
> If so and you still have problems send me the program as an 
> attachment.
> Where is Guenter's original mail ?
> Roger
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