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[open-cobol-list] Clarification requested (LINAGE - LS - NL)

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Clarification requested (LINAGE - LS - NL)
Date: Sun Feb 27 12:36:21 2005

After preparing most of the code for implementation of
LINAGE, I noticed the following and would appreciate comments :
(Bill ?)
1) A WRITE to a (LINE) SEQUENTIAL file without an ADVANCING is
     a) 2002 says it is AFTER ADVANCING 1
     b) MF and OpenCobol says it is BEFORE ADVANCING 1

Given (1) and (a),  if this is the first line to be printed,
should the first line to be produced consist of only a
"new line" character ? Or is "top of page" special ?
(MF produces a single newline)
(And with LINAGE MF still produces (IMHO wrongly) a
Should the LINAGE clause affect this behaviour ?

If we do a "WRITE AFTER"  as the last statement before closing
the file, we produce (also MF):
and then close the file, we end up with a non-newline terminated
Should a CLOSE detect this and write a terminating newline ?

Should it be possible to "concatenate" a print line by
doing a WRITE AFTER followed by a WRITE BEFORE ?

(Before you ask Bill, yes, LINAGE-COUNTER will be implemented per file :-) )


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