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Re: [open-cobol-list] Re: Deprecating db1

From: Alain Lucari
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Re: Deprecating db1
Date: Tue Apr 5 11:45:15 2005

Hi Roger,

As I don't understand english very well, I don't know
if you are more true than Bernard on license problem
(unless it seem to me that it is really a license problem
using DB-2 or newer)
But my idea is "for what you want to deprecate DB-1 ?"
some problem with lenght of records in sort ...  perhaps,
but it is sufficient to write in the DOCUMENTATION :
"if you use DB-1, the maximum lenght record is (20..)"

I am using Open-cobol from more than three years in production
and I remember how many problem I had before for
compiling TC with DB-1,2,3,4 ...
On all my sites I have somes files (so less as I can)
built with DB-1.

So, unless you have a very good reason, KEEP DB-1.

(sure, my english is not good, but answer in french ;-)

Best regards
Alain Lucari (Eurlix)

Le Tue, 05 Apr 2005 09:28:41 +0100
Roger While <address@hidden> a écrit:

> Bernard, I do not think the second part is true.
> Here is an excerpt from the product licensing :
> -------
> Do I have to pay for a Berkeley DB license to use it in my Perl or
> Python scripts?
> No, you may use the Berkeley DB open source license at no cost.
> The Berkeley DB open source license requires that software that uses
> Berkeley DB be freely redistributable. In the case of Perl or
> Python, that software is Perl or Python, and not your scripts. Any
> scripts you write
> are your property, including scripts that make use of Berkeley DB.
> None of the Perl, Python or Berkeley DB licenses place any
> restrictions on what you may do with them.
> -------
> Which is a very clear statement.
> So, we just have to make sure that OC license is OK.
> At the moment the library is under LGPL.
> Keisuke, do we have any problem relaxing it to GPL ?
> Roger
> >One big problem I see with deprecating DB1,
> >is the License issue:
> >If you use anything beyond 1.85, you have to follow
> >the GPL license pour DB, which means you have to
> >provide the OC RTL under GPL (which may be fine),
> >BUT you ALSO have to provide anything which uses the
> >OC RTL under GPL, in particular your COBOL code,
> >which precludes to use OC for any COBOL software
> >you would like to keep the source non public.
> >And in this case, the potential for OC would be much
> >restricted.
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