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[open-cobol-list] New to the Compiler

From: Robert Sherry
Subject: [open-cobol-list] New to the Compiler
Date: Tue Apr 19 15:06:19 2005

     My name is Bob Sherry and I work at AT&T Research for David Korn. I am
Tim Nixon's replacement. Tim has left AT&T.

        I was looking at the file parser.y. I noticed that when the file was
run through YACC, there were numerous shift/reduce conflicts. I was
wondering, if anybody has made any attempt to eliminate some of these
conflicts. I also noticed that the grammar for expressions in COBOL was
basically a list of tokens rather then the more traditional grammar for an
expression. It seems to me that doing it this way was more work for the
implementer. Is there a reason it was done like this?

Bob Sherry

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