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[open-cobol-list] *CORRECTED* schedule for next revision of ISO (ANSI) C

From: Bill Klein
Subject: [open-cobol-list] *CORRECTED* schedule for next revision of ISO (ANSI) COBOL Standard
Date: Mon Apr 25 14:40:57 2005

To: comp.lang.cobol, Tek-Tips, IBM-MAIN and elsewhere

There was a typo (or more than 1) in the last version of the "revision
that I pointed COBOL-interested people to a while ago.  There is now a
(corrected) version at:

It is my understanding that J4 (the "developers" of this revision) think
they ARE ON SCHEDULE for a 2008 approval and publication of this revision to
2002 ISO Standard.

Needless to say, to the best of my knowledge, there is no current "best
on when ANY vendor will actually provide a "fully conforming" ISO 2002 COBOL

compiler ... but you never know <G>.

    * * * *

If you are interested in the enhancements (and especially if you have any 
comments) on the new and changed features of this c.2008 Standard, please
certain that you communicate them to your "national standards body" AS SOON
POSSIBLE.  For comment to the US body (that does take comments from those 
outside the US), please email

  Don.Schricker <at>

(IMHO it is "useless" to just tell them that you don't believe in/like the 
current Standards process ... but if you want to, they do take AND PROCESS
input document that they receive.)

If you are interested in seeing the FULL ISO 2002 Standard (including its OO

definition; its solutions for internationalization; common exception
portable arithmetic, etc) available on your platform and/or from your
"vendor of 

   PLEASE contact your "vendor of choice" and provide them with the reasons 
(business case) for implementing these features - sooner than later.

Bill Klein
 wmklein <at> 

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