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[open-cobol-list] CVS update 20050513

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS update 20050513
Date: Fri May 13 00:29:24 2005

CVS has been tagged for the 0.32 release.
Now that 0.32 is out, let's get 0.33 rolling.

Version push to 0.33

Allow multiple files on command line when producing executables.
This means you can now do :
cobc main.cob sub1.cob sub2.cob
The first program is compiled as the main program, whilst
second and subsequent programs will be compiled as modules
down to object ".o" code. This is finally linked to produce the
executable "main".
Of course, I still maintain that the easiest way to compile/use applications
is to use the driver program "cobcrun". ie. Compile ALL your app
programs as modules ( option "-m" ) and execute the respective
main programs using cobcrun ala:
cobcrun MYMAIN1
cobcrun MYMAIN2
If you are clever, substitute cobcrun with an environment variable
eg. COBEXEC; then you can swap between ACU/MF/OC at run-time.
(And in the same directory!)

Documentation updated.

Quick note - If you are updating from CVS, use "cvs update -dP".
This will prune any unused stuff from your local copy.


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