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[open-cobol-list] Notice Re: -fruntime-inlining

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Notice Re: -fruntime-inlining
Date: Thu Oct 6 13:04:06 2005

The compile option -fruntime-inlining will be deprecated.
The remaining code that depends on this (typeck.c) will be removed
before the 0.33 release. The option will NOT be removed for the
the 0.33 release; however; users SHOULD/MUST delete this from scripts
to cater for for 0.34 releases.
Further, the "-O, -Os, -O2" will probably be amalgmated to "-Os" which
after a period of 2 years with information from various applications produces
always the best result.

Comments as usaual appreciated.


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