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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20051014

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20051014
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:58:50 2005

CVS Update
Lots of trivial stuff all over the place for GCC 4.
GCC 4 defaults to checking pointer type signedness.
This lead to a whole slew of warnings on the make and
also producing warnings when compiling generated Cobol
code causing the OC tests to fail.

Fix the make warnings (there should be none)
Fix the warnings from generated Cobol code.
Fix the OC tests which were missing some standard includes.

I think I have found all possible places for generated Cobol code,
but, just in case, when GCC >=4, I automatically add in
the "-Wno-pointer-sign" to the gcc opts (cobc.c) when compiling generated
Cobol code. (I have checked OC, Cobol85 tests and a couple of apps without this)

GCC 4 notes :
Release 4.0 was abysmal. 4.0.1 wasn't much better.
If you want to try, use >= 4.0.2.

If GCC 4 is not the standard gcc on your system, then you need to
to specify the path to gcc both for the make and for the OC compiler eg. :
export CC=/mylocal/bin/gcc
./configure --with-cc=/mylocal/bin/gcc

Tarball as usual at :


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