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[open-cobol-list] static cobol 2 c : passing numeric data by reference ?

From: Xavier COUDIN
Subject: [open-cobol-list] static cobol 2 c : passing numeric data by reference ?
Date: Thu Oct 20 09:57:50 2005


I am making some test (self-learning).
I make 1 small program in cobol, and  1 small program in C.
I call the C-written subrouting from cobol.

I want transmit some numeric data BY REFERENCE, because I want the C
function to modify the value of the numeric data and get back this
data in the Cobol main program.

The compilation works very well, but when executing I can not receive
the numeric data, I just receive wrong-end-strange value.

Is there a way to get it working ?
What is the type of data transmitted from COBOL to C concerning BINARY
numerical values : int ? long ? float ? double ?

example :
on the COBOL side, I write :
01 capsule.
         02 phrase pic X(10).
         02 c      pic 9999 VALUE 3 BINARY.

and create the same structure in the C module

typedef struct abcd {
       char phrase[10];
       int compteur ;
} efgh;

I can get the string without any problem.
But the numerical value I get is completely wrong, nom atter of
numerical type I declare on the C side (int / long / float / double).

Any solution ?

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