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Re: [open-cobol-list] Team setup

From: Alain Lucari
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Team setup
Date: Tue Oct 25 02:53:44 2005


Il semble que tu sois français, 
so, I don't see for what I should broken my head for write in english

Le Thu, 28 Oct 2004 16:21:41 +0200
address@hidden a écrit:

> Hello,
> I read this point in the TODO file :
> ** New backends for INDEXED files
>  - Any alternative to BerkeleyDB?
>  - Use DB (PostgreSQM, MySQL, etc.) as backends
> Actually, I wrote my own implementation of indexed and relative
> files. I used it for 3 years for personnal needs.
> It could deal with big files (20 millions records, and more than 500
> Mo) with good performances. (based on trees and mmap)
> It has some deficiencies and must be improved : keys are single
> fields, delete is not ready, etc .. And surely it has some bugs.
> Do you think it could be an alternative to BerkeleyDB. Is it a good
> idea or not? My opinion is yes but I am partial. And there is still
> a lot of work to make it a solid product. It would be a full job,
> and doing that I could not do another thing. Furthermore the task we
> subscribe is COBOL compilation, not file management.
> Yet, I think that a COBOL compiler should have its own
> implementation for ISAM and should not depend on third products like
> BerkeleyDB. (Althought I am a great fan of it).
> It has to be self-sufficient.
> And DB (MySQL, Postgres, ...) induce constraints and minimum
> administration tasks which I think are not compatible with the
> simple needs of an ISAM tool.
> What is your opinion ?
> Cheers
> Henry
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