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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20051027

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20051027
Date: Thu Oct 27 11:45:32 2005

CVS Updated.

With thanks to David Wilson, we are getting somewhere with
the MAC (Darwin) port.

One fundamental problem is that, on Mac OS, there is a difference
between a shared library and a loadable module.
So, while the cobol library was being correctly generated with
"-dynamiclib", this was incorrect for cobol/C modules.
(We have to use "-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress" - Eeek)
Pick this up in the configure and propagate to the underlying
In some places in the OC tests, we had "-shared" hard-coded.
Replace with the propagated value.

We now have a clean configure/make both with and without Berkeley DB.

We still have some failed OC tests which look like
precision/endian problems. Is being looked at.

Snapshot CVS tarball as usual at :


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