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[open-cobol-list] Linkage Section and maintaining addressability

From: Bill Klein
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Linkage Section and maintaining addressability
Date: Mon Dec 5 11:07:02 2005

It appears to me that the '02 Standard (and BASED items) works DIFFERENTLY
than IBM (and Micro Focus, et al) currently SET ADDRESS data.  According to
the '02 Standard,

"The association ends: ...
  - when the based entry is defined in the linkage section, at the end of
the execution of the runtime element."

This is NOT what happens with today's extensions.  Therefore, different code
will need to be done for the two different types of "allocated" data items.

(Sorry about that ....)

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At any rate, look at 8.6.4, Based entries and based data items.  The
portion on page 117 seems to address your questions.


Don Schricker
Micro Focus
Director of Standards
Chairman, INCITS COBOL Technical Committee (J4)

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My memory is that while J4 (and WG4) were developing the '02 Standard,
there was discussion about whether or not the "addressability" of a
BASED item (especially in Linkage Section) was or was not subject to
"last used state" rules, i.e.

- Addressability *IS* maintained between CALLs

- Unless IS INITIAL attribute or CANCEL rules apply


whether addressability is *always* lost between CALLs.

  *OR* (and I find this highly unlikely)

addressability is always maintained - regardless of CANCEL and INITIAL

Checking the "general" information under INITIAL STATE and BASED
information, I couldn't find a (clear?) answer.

Can anyone tell me what was finally decided and where this is

P.S.  I could do an interpretation request, but I really do think this
was "decided" and I just can't find where it is documented (already).

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